How To Write, Publish and Market A Book

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A How-To Guide for First-time Authors 
on Writing, Publishing and Market a Book! 
by Bruce Goldwell 

Bruce Goldwell treats the subject of writing, publishing and marketing a book like it is a recipe. How To Write, Publish & Market A Book is a reference guide that first-time authors can use to have everything in place so they can self-publish their book. This book is an easy to understand guide that touches on the basic's of how to successfully prepare for publishing.

Bruce practices one of the core principles that Jill Lublin (author of " Get Noticed... Get Referrals: Build Your Client Base and Your Business by Making a Name For Yourself.") teaches - that building networks and using referral-based marketing is central to ones being successful. When people work with each other they can achieve outstanding

How To Write, Publish & Market A Book not only gives first-time authors some helpful information on writing, publishing and marketing their book, but also gives authors some useful recipes they can use so they can eat heartily while writing. Goldwell shares personal recipes he has developed over the years which includes the recipe for his SizziQ© Basic BBQ sauce. A recipe created by Shawn Bucher, Gourmet Chef and Author of The First Timers Cookbook.

Bruce is the administrator of a group on Facebook called The Writers Network and a few of the authors in the group have also shared their favorite recipes too. Bruce invites first-time authors that read this book to join The Writers Network on Facebook so they can network with authors in the group. This book is not intended to be a master's guide for new authors but rather a guide to help get first-timers on the right path and through the process of publishing their first book.
Step by Step to Self-publishing Success
"As an independent author, it is easy to get lost in the intimidating world of literary publication. So many options. This book breaks it down step by step to strip away the intimidation, giving the writer a confidence that they can do this! Highly recommended!"
V. Kimball ~ Author of "Piercing the Fold"

A really useful book!
"It is full of all sorts of tips and explanations on how to optimize your amazon pages and how to get the word out about your book! As an added bonus, writers have offered up their own recipes to share with you some of the tasty things they like to eat while writing! Quick and easy to read, you wont' get lost in the technical jargon. It is not full of paragraphs of explanation just to fill up pages. Keep it simple, is what this book is all about. A crash course chalk full of information that works!

Whether you are looking for some tips on publishing and promoting your book or whether you would like the inside track on what authors eat when they are writing, check this book out!

This reader was given an Advanced Reader Copy to look over and decided to review it."
Virginia Jennings ~ Author of "The Alien Mind"

A Must-Read for First-Time Authors & Pros Alike
"As an author myself of the Universal Life Force Series featuring Antiquity Calais, I wish I had access to a book like this when I first published my books. There is a wealth of information in this book, the product of years of experience as an author who has self-published and worked with professional editors and publishers alike. Bruce Goldwell delivers the goods!"
Jim Henry ~ Editior and Author of "Antiquity Calais Ascending Oympus"


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