Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dragon Keepers IV book reviews

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Get 50% off the cover price of the Dragon Keepers Trilogy (Books I, II and III. Over $30 in value.)  Buy Book IV during the 4th of July Book Extravaganza on Facebook for only 99 cents and write a review for Book IV.  

Copy/Paste the review and post it as a comment to this blog post.  Everyone that post their review for Book IV as a comment will get a code for 50% off the retail price of the Trilogy.

For just 99 cents, you get over $50 in value.  Purchased independently, you would would pay @ $15 per book amounting to almost $60 retail.  During this offer, you save over $40 on the series.  

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Book V of Dragon Keepers is coming this Winter 2014. 

Offer by Bruce Goldwell

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