Friday, June 27, 2014

Authors - The 4th of July Book Extravaganza is July 1-6th

This is going to be the biggest most amazing book event sponsored by Bruce Goldwell and the Writers Book Club Facebook group.

Authors will be able to start posting their offers on June 30th after 12 o'clock noon.  Below is a sample of what authors should share on the event timeline. 

What is the name of your book?
What price are you offering the book for?
What will you offer readers that leave a review for your book?
What is the link to the book on Amazon?
What other offer do you have and what do attendees need to do to get it?

Attendees will be instructed to post a comment under your post to inform the author that they are taking the offer.  Authors will need to followup with attendees that post replies to fulfill whatever offer was made. 

Here is a sample:  Offers can be done as text or a graphic image. If you use an image, be sure to post the link to your book in the description of the image to make it easy for others to visit the page.

There will be prizes offered during the event.  Be sure you have subscribed to this blog to get information about prizes etc and how to enter the drawings.