Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just Released - Spirit Voice by Bruce Goldwell and Venus Starchild

Book Description

 March 10, 2014
Some see the world as a cruel and hostile place. Others see it as a toxic poisonous one. As the years pass, some wonder why their lives seem to get harder or they seem to tread water and get nowhere. How can some people be so happy amongst all the terrible things going on? They have found comfort within themselves through something greater. Comfort can go a long way to reduce the sting that life seems to dish out every day relentlessly. The voice of Spirit can be just as relentless, shouting at you, telling you how powerful you are in your ability to change your world, to let go of what your labels are, what others think of you and how you have been burdened by others.

You may never know me, but I now you all too well. I see your pain, I feel your suffering and I bring that Voice to you so you can read It's words and feel a great upheaval within yourself, throwing off the separation and hopelessness, taking on a new energy of awakening and realization that you are unique and worthy of rising up and claiming your birthright of joy, pleasure, love and bliss. The more you let go of the suffering, the more room there is for the good. Read my words of truth, for they were written especially for you. Stand up, take a step and I will walk with you.