Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book release coming March 7th


Two Announcements:

One is I have created an Event on Facebook for the announcement of the release of Merlin and the Dragon Keepers coming March 7th.  You can invite your friends to this event so they can get in on the SPECIAL EASTER offer of this book for only 99 cents.  You will be able to order the book now and have the delivery set for Easter, March 31st.   The event is at https://www.facebook.com/events/502239963165569/

I hope to have some other authors join this event that will have SPECIAL EASTER offers as well.  All the SPECIAL EASTER OFFERS will be posted on the www.WritersGotTalent.com blog. 

Two… here is the Press Release about the upcoming release of Merlin and The Dragon Keepers by Bruce Goldwell.

PRLog (Press Release) - Mar. 6, 2013 - Bruce Goldwell is making books I & II of his Dragon Keepers series available to grand parents to give to their grand children as part of a special Spring fling introductory offer.  Grand parents can visit Amazon to send this special two book edition of Dragon Keepers to their grand children as a gift for only 99 cents.  This is a limited time offer so parents and grand parents will need to act quickly to take advantage of this special price. What are others saying about Dragon Keepers?

Adventure for the whole family:
"Not only is this book a great adventure involving dragons & witches, but probably the best part is that it is appropriate for all ages."

Awesome:"This book gave me goosebumps, i couldn't put it down! Dragons, witchcraft, adventure and packed with adventure. Its a must read!"

Great read for all ages: Dragon Keepers is an amazing book filled with fantasy, witches, and dragons. I read it in one sitting, I literally couldn't stop until I finished every last word. This would be a wonderful book to read as a family, and escape from reality TV and into the world of fantasy. I guarantee you it will be much more fun!

Dragon Keepers I & II: I purchased both these books for my grand daughter. So far she has finished the first and really enjoyed it, she is just starting the second book. She has just turned 13. When she is done reading them I told her I would like to borrow them.

A very good read for ANY age!: When I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. It is remeniscent of a book I read when I was young called the Crystal Cave. It is a book woven of magic and wonder. The characters are vivid and compelling. The story is about how greed can overcome you and destroy you. How love, even in the face of greed can still show love and compassion. The story is about Quai who is a dragon and had to put her sister dragon into a banishment for a millenia in hopes that her sister Kenmei would repent from her greed filled heart. This is a story for anyone who loves mystery in a world of fantasy and magic. I thuroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to all who love fantasy!

A special review of interest to grand parents:
Frank Thompson: "This book is a simple basic learning tool for the young reader. Although it deals with 'Merlin' it actually sets forth the moral values and coping skills for the emerging adult. Regardless of trials and terrors it brings the young dragon keeper to a maturity of soul and spirit. I would definitely encourage any parent to buy this book, in fact I was so thrilled with it that I am buying several for my grandchildren."

To find out how to order a copy of this special two book edition of "Merlin and The Dragon Keepers" by Bruce Goldwell visit: www.DragonKeepersBooks.com


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